Graduate Students


Jeffrey Aceves - G1

University of California-Merced, Bioengineering, BS 

I work with the bioprinting team and am interested in scaling up our kidney organoid models to print scalable, vascularized tissues. I also aim to develop improved proximal tubule models for disease modeling and drug screening.

ESL101/ NWL B148.30
John Ahrens

John Ahrens - G4

Stanford University, Biomechanical Engineering, BS
I am interested in 3D printing scalable, vascularized tissues that could improve current stem cell derived disease models and regenerative therapies.
ESL 101
Nicole Black - G6

Nicole Black - G6

Boston University, Biomedical Engineering, BS
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
I am interested in the relationship between structure and function at the micron-scale in living tissues. My research investigates 3D printed biodegradable elastomeric grafts that can be remodeled into mechanically anisotropic tissues in vitro and in vivo. Currently, I am working with the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary to design tympanic membrane grafts with tailored motion patterns in response to acoustic stimuli. Eventually, we hope that this technology will improve hearing outcomes following tympanoplasty surgery.
NWL B148.30
Jeremy Huang - G5

Jeremy Huang - G5

University of California at San Diego, Electrical and Computer Engineering, MS
University of California at Berkeley, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, BS
As a PhD student at Harvard Medical School who is co-advised by Professor Lewis, my work focuses on gene-regulation and cell-lineage decision making in the early mammalian embryo. In collaboration with the Lewis group, I am interested in how maternal in vivo conditions can be recapitulated in vitro.
NWL B148.30

Arda Kotikian - G5

Mount Holyoke College, Chemistry & Math, BA
NSF Graduate Research Fellow

I am working on programming 3D shape change in actuators by controlling molecular orientation at the filamentary scale while programming structure at the macroscopic scale via direct ink writing. I am especially interested in developing 3D liquid crystal elastomer actuators for use in soft robotics.

NWL B148.30
Katharina T.  Kroll - G3

Katharina T. Kroll - G3

University of Freiburg, Molecular Medicine, MSc
As part of the bioprinting team, I am investigating printing of hierarchical blood vessel systems with complex cellular interactions. Scaling up the bioprinting approach to incorporate biologically relevant geometries and cellular variety could be the next step towards building functional tissues mimicking complexity and organization of tissue physiology.
NWL B148.30

Aric Lu -G2

University of Delaware, Electrical Engineering, HBEE

I work with the bioprinting team to develop materials and methods to model human systems in vitro.

NWL B148.30

Jalilah  Muhammad - G1

Southern University and A&M College, Chemistry, BS

I am interested in programming embedded 3D printed structures with liquid crystal elastomers as artificial muscles to advance the technology of soft robotics and assistive devices.


Rodrigo Telles- G2

University of California, Berkeley, Chemical Engineering, BS
I am interested in the fabrication and design of soft active materials with locally tailorable mechanical properties for soft robotics applications.
NWL B148.30
Robert Weeks

Robert Weeks- G2

University of Waterloo, Mechanical Engineering, BASc
Research Fellow
The setup and fine tuning of all the different parameters in additive manufacturing often takes much longer than the actual print itself. I am interested in the development of novel additive manufacturing systems with process feedback to decrease setup time, increase printing throughput and optimize print quality.
NWL B148.30